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Transitional Design Santa Rosa CA

Have you been dreaming of a transitional kitchen for your Santa Rosa home? Transitional kitchen design blends traditional elements with modern ones for a look that’s warm, airy, and casually elegant. Our kitchen designers at the Kitchen Design Center by Redwood Cabinet Design have extensive experience with transitional style kitchens and will help you create the space you’ve been dreaming of. From creating the perfect design to helping you select countertops, cabinetry, and appliances, we’ll bring your vision to life. 

The Elements of Transitional Style Kitchens

Transitional kitchen design is very popular for Santa Rosa homes, and for good reason. This timeless style works with a wide variety of homes and has lasting appeal–making it an ideal choice for homeowners who appreciate an enduring style and only want to remodel once. 

  • Neutral Colors 

The style tends to feature neutral colors with carefully selected patterns that add visual interest without being overwhelming. Creams, browns, greys, beiges, and tans create a sophisticated yet comfortable aesthetic, especially when paired with furniture that has clean lines or rounded edges. If you’d like to add a little more color, many homeowners opt for shades of blue that complement the neutral color palette. 

  • Textures

Since the color scheme is neutral, transitional kitchens often incorporate different textures, such as linen, hessian, cotton, and velvet. Use visually-interesting accent throws, pillows, and curtains, or different fabrics that take things a little off the beaten path. Mosaic or subway tile backsplashes also add interest and appeal. 

  • Minimalist Approach

Many modern homes incorporate open floor plans and an open kitchen design, which helps the space seem larger. To maintain this, choose minimalist pieces and simple furniture designs, such as modern-styled mirrors, charming traditional cabinets, or other simple pieces that add personality without overwhelming the space. 

  • Lighting

Transitional style kitchens usually use more than one type of lighting while focusing on maximizing natural light. Consider using recessed lighting, pendant lights, or under-cabinet lighting to improve visibility and add style. 

  • Ample Storage Space

One of the defining characteristics of transitional kitchens is that they’re clean, open, and uncluttered. Using storage spaces like cupboards, cabinets, and drawers will help keep appliances off the countertops and clutter at bay. 

  • Paneled or Stainless Steel Appliances

Paneled or stainless steel appliances are an ideal choice because they blend with the classic feel of transitional kitchens. Paneled appliances allow the more decorative elements to take the spotlight, while stainless steel adds subtle color and texture. 

Make Your Inspiration a Reality with the Kitchen Design Center by Redwood Cabinet Design

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for your home! Whether you’re planning a transitional kitchen design for your Santa Rosa home or you’re not sure which style suits you best, our experienced kitchen designers are ready to help you transform your space. Our design team will discuss your ideas and then schedule a time to visit your home to see what would be possible with your space. From creating a design to selecting appliances, cabinetry, and countertops, we make it easy for you to have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. 

Visit the Kitchen Design Center by Redwood Cabinet Design today at 111 5th St. in Santa Rosa to get started!