Luxury Kitchen PetalumaIf you’re designing a luxury kitchen in Petaluma, TeeVax Home Appliance and Kitchen Center can help. We offer all of the latest finishes and advances for your luxury kitchen design. Whether you know exactly what you need or need a little help getting started, you can speak with one of our friendly associates in our extensive local kitchen design showroom. We have three in-house designers who can schedule a home visit with you to evaluate your space and interview each member of your household. This way, they’ll discover exactly what you need, whether it’s an open floor-plan entertainment center, or a galley kitchen to plot elaborate feasts for your entire family.

Get The Luxury Kitchen Design You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Our luxury kitchen design experts have decades of combined experience and training and have worked to renovate every type of kitchen imaginable, whether your tastes are sleek and top-of-the-line or have an eclectic, retro spin. We’ll help match your preferences to our gorgeous finishes in countertops, cabinetry, and more, so that you always get exactly what you’re looking for. Consider luxury appliances with panels that match your new cabinets, or stainless steel for a sleek, unified look. With TeeVax Home Appliance’s design and installation team, the process of undergoing a kitchen renovation has never been easier. When you overhaul your kitchen, you might worry about costly hold-ups that intrude on your everyday life. We know how to minimize disruptions so that you’ll be back to cooking, entertaining, and living in no time.

Visit our website for ideas for your new luxury kitchen in Petaluma. We have an online inspiration center, which might just spark a whole new renovation project in your household. Our store has been in operation since 1949, with a special focus on kitchen renovations and materials beginning over twenty years ago. With decades of expertise on hand, let our helpful design professionals create the kitchen of your dreams.