Kitchen Remodel WindsorDo you already have a plan in the works for the kitchen remodel in your Windsor home? If not, no worries, TeeVax Home Appliance & Kitchen Center is here to help! Planning out an entirely new kitchen design can seem daunting, but when you have the experts on your side, it’s a breeze. With years of experience and a deep knowledge of everything from appliances to cabinets, our Kitchen Center team will help you put together a brand new kitchen without breaking your budget.

Before you get started, it’s important to set your budget. You need to know ahead of time the absolute max you’re willing to spend on a remodel, including a cushion for contingencies you can’t foresee, like faulty wiring or replacement drywall. You know that a kitchen remodel can increase the value of your Windsor home, not to mention give you the warm space you’ve always dreamed of. After all, they say the hearth is the heart of the home, and what’s a kitchen if not a modern day hearth?

Plan your New Kitchen Design with the Experts

We’ll start by helping you plan your new kitchen design with everything you could ever want. From there, we’ll guide you in making the hard decisions. Sometimes what we want doesn’t exactly match up with what we need, especially when there’s a firm budget in the mix. It’s time to decide how and where to save some cash, and we’ll help you there, too. There are tons of beautiful inexpensive options these days for accents, countertops, flooring, paint, and more. If you decide it’s really important to you to replace your dated appliances with new ones, that’s a great start. We can work with that, whether you want a large professional range or a basic set.

At TeeVax, we’ve been Sonoma County’s source for home appliances for more than half a century. Since our early days, we’ve made it our business to get to know everything about the appliances we sell, from washing machines to refrigerators. Our Kitchen Center is newer, but has that same long history behind it, so you know you’re coming to the professionals. Get ready to love your kitchen remodel and visit our Santa Rosa showroom just a short drive from Windsor. We’ll see you soon!