Kitchen Planning PetalumaFor kitchen planning in Petaluma, consider visiting TeeVax Home Appliance’s Kitchen Design Center. Our personable kitchen designer is waiting to assist you as you embark on your total kitchen redesign. We begin with an in-home visit so we can evaluate your space and assess the needs of every member of your household. At TeeVax we understand that a kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals, but rather a multi-purpose meeting room and entertainment hub for the entire family. Our kitchen ideas are never cookie cutter. Instead, they meet the latest design trends as well as the needs of your unique family.

New Kitchen Ideas, Perfect For Your Space

After evaluating your space with your TeeVax design professional, they’ll help you generate kitchen ideas beyond what you’ve seen on HGTV. From open floor plan designs to kitchens that maximize smaller spaces, you can rest assured that your storage and functional needs will be met in your new kitchen. We offer top of the line cabinetry that closes silently, energy efficient appliances at a range of prices, and countertops that won’t be damaged by normal use. Your new kitchen will look stylish and be functional for years to come.

Don’t forget to stop by our Santa Rosa showroom to browse your new appliances before you buy. There’s no replacement for in-house kitchen planning in Petaluma. Shopping online comes with risks–what if your new dishwasher looks all-wrong for your space? But by visiting TeeVax we can prevent costly and time consuming regrets. Many of our top-of-the-line designs are even panel ready, so they can blend seamlessly with your new cabinets and decor. From refrigerators to range hoods, we offer it all, and with the quality and value you’ve come to expect from a family-run local business. Our professionals are waiting to help you make your wildest kitchen design dream a reality. Stop by today.