Transitional Design Santa Rosa CAAnyone who’s been watching HGTV lately has probably noticed the trend toward a transitional design style that works well in Santa Rosa CA homes. For those new to the concept, transitional style is a blend of both traditional and contemporary design elements that combine for a classic design that works in all sorts of homes. This style tends to feature neutral colors and eye-catching patterns that add visual interest without being overwhelming, as well as clean lines and minimalist decor. You may see traditional, charming cabinets in a modern open kitchen design, or warm hardwood alongside more modern furniture with straight lines.

Making Your Inspiration Reality

There are a few ways to bring this attractive transitional design to your own Santa Rosa home. Wine country is well known for blending warm traditional elements seamlessly with clean contemporary looks, so here are a few ways to bring that design to your interior.

Keep your color palette neutral.

You’re going to want to stick with browns, tans, and creams. While these colors may feel “boring” to some, using them on furniture with clean lines or rounded edges adds a great deal of warmth to a room while keeping it comfortable and classic. A rich, dark brown table alongside light cream seating evokes a sense of calm.

Play with textures.

If you don’t have any colors that are too loud, you have tons of room to play with fun fabrics and textured patterns. Use accent throws, pillows, and curtains that are visually interesting, or different fabrics that take things a little off the beaten path.

Keep it minimal.

Many modern homes incorporate open floor plans and an open kitchen design, and these elements are created to intentionally make the space seem bigger. Maintain that feeling by decorating with minimalist pieces and simple-but-comfortable furniture designs. Clutter and bulky furniture is the quickest way to make a room appear smaller, so go for modern styled mirrors or simple pieces that add in personality without overwhelming the space.

Find your perfect blend of warm and “cool.”

Today’s style incorporates warm brown wood alongside sleek silver and other metals. This creates a welcoming environment that feels like home, but still allows that attractive modern style to shine through. Play with warmer tones and cool accent pieces to create something that’s uniquely “you.”

If you need any help coming up with a transitional design that works in your home, reach out to your favorite Santa Rosa home appliance store, TeeVax! We offer design services to help you plan out the perfect kitchen and a whole lot more.