Kitchen Designer Rohnert ParkIf you’ve been searching for a kitchen designer in Rohnert Park, look no further than TeeVax Home Appliance. We offer a kitchen and design center that goes beyond most retailers, with personal attention from one of three of our in-house designers. Our Santa Rosa storefront has been presenting customers with unparalleled service and a wide product line for three generations. Now, we bring you the best and boldest in modern kitchen ideas, working from the ground up–your unique home. Big box stores leave you to do the kitchen planning yourself, but our kitchen designers will visit your space to plan and strategize your renovation. From there, we guide you through the selection of top of the line countertops, new cabinetry, and more. Your stodgy, outdated kitchen will soon be a thing of the past, replaced by new materials and in a whole new configuration.

Fresh Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Modern kitchen ideas favor open floor plans and cabinets which maximize storage space. With one of our designs, you’ll be pleased by how enjoyable using your kitchen can be. The sky is the limit; we have the expertise available to make that design you spotted on your favorite home design show a reality. Select from our extensive range of cabinet manufacturers, including Omega Cabinetry, which offers custom stains and colors to match or compliment the decor in the rest of your home. Augment your design with energy efficient appliances from Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, or other top brands, for a cohesive look that will be a joy to use. Our Before and After gallery shows the full range of possibilities. We’ll transform any space exactly to your specifications and needs.

Why live with a kitchen stuck in the last century of design? With our kitchen designer to help you overhaul your Rohnert Park home, you can bring your kitchen design into the modern era. Visit our showroom today, or stop by online to get a peek at our design inspirations.