Redwood Cabinet Design offers home contractor sales to Santa Rosa CA interior designers and builders, as well as professionals throughout Sonoma County. If you’d like to offer custom designs and packages to your customers for their kitchen and bathroom remodels, our team is available to help facilitate the process. As one of the oldest appliance providers and kitchen designers in the North Bay Area, we have the experience and connections necessary to help your business succeed. We also provide builder appliances and builder cabinets at reasonable price points. 

Contractor Sales Santa Rosa CA

If you’d like to offer new or custom cabinet construction to your clients but don’t have the internal bandwidth to provide it yourself, our team would love to partner with you. Our design experts work on both new and existing construction, giving you a quick and easy resolution for your punch list prior to the completion of a home. With contractor sales on the rise in Santa Rosa due to the fires of October 2017, we know many builders are finding it difficult to keep up. To make things easier on you and keep your business rolling, we are able to schedule install and coordinate cabinet builds, counter tops and builder appliances.

Redwood Cabinet Design is best known for exemplary customer service and appliance selection. We’ve been serving local customers since our start in 1949 in Santa Rosa and are happy to continually call it our home. We’re an independent business with deep roots in the area, so we can connect you with whatever support you need. Our Kitchen Center is home to pro designers who’ve been planning kitchen remodels for many years and now we’re proud to offer those services and more to building contractors in need of support. You’re local and so are we! Let’s help each other out.

If you’re interested in setting up contractor sales in Santa Rosa through Redwood Cabinet Design, please give us a call at 707-971-9423 or drop by our store at 111 5th Street in Santa Rosa.