Jaime’s interest in kitchen design began while he was working at a big box store, selling appliances. In this position, he worked closely with the kitchen design department to make sure new appliance purchases were a good fit for his customers’ kitchens. During this time, he became good friends with the senior designer, who quickly picked up on Jaime’s interest in the design process. As soon as a position opened in the design department, Jaime knew he had to apply. Sure enough, he got the job and fell in love, starting with his first project. He’s been a designer for 6 years and hasn’t looked back since.

Jaime’s previous experience has given him extensive experience in the whole remodel process and general knowledge of appliances, which comes in handy for making recommendations during the design process. He understands the remodeling experience can be a bit confusing or tiresome for some clients, as there are lots of moving parts. So, Jaime tries to make it as fun and entertaining as possible. He’ll spend time with clients going over what they don’t like about their current kitchen, and find ways to turn those design weaknesses into strengths. Jaime’s ultimate goal is to make his clients’ dream kitchen a reality.

Jaime’s favorite part of the process is the initial visit to a client’s home. This allows him to see the space he’s working with and visualize what the new kitchen will look like. It also allows him to better explain his vision for the new kitchen to his clients. He will provide samples (such as cabinets, countertops, floors, and backsplashes) so the client will see what the colors look like under their lighting. He will also provide options (such as faucets, knobs, pulls, and countertops) to make sure all the elements in the kitchen match perfectly.

Jaime enjoys designing the new kitchen on the computer because it’s a bit like solving a puzzle. Since no two kitchens are alike, it gives him a lot of variety to work with. And of course, the most satisfying part of the process is when a project is completed and the clients get to see their finished kitchen. Hearing how excited they are, how great it looks, how much easier it is to maneuver around the room and more is very rewording.

He appreciates his colleagues on the TeeVax kitchen design team; they have knowledge, experience, and are just fantastic people. Also, the showroom features top-quality high-end appliances allowing him to focus solely on kitchen remodeling. “It definitely helps us to create a better experience for our clients.”

Jaime would love to help you design the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of! Please contact him at (707) 787-5527 or at [email protected] to get started on your project.