Jaime Jovel

Jaime has been in the home improvement industry for years and a designer since 2016.
Now at TeeVax, Jaime is able to concentrate his vast knowledge on designing kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and offices to what the client really wants within budget.
His goal is to make this decision process as fun and entertaining as possible.
Jaime likes to visit the clients job site to gain further knowledge of what’s desired and let them know what they realistically are able to do. He will work closely with the client on cabinet, countertop and plumbing options plus will work with one of TeeVax appliance specialist to make sure everything comes together as planned. If the client does not have a contractor, he will refer them to ones TeeVax has used in the past.
Please contact Jaime to help you design your new kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or office for an appointment to get started.