Halima Jo Robel

In 1995 I began working at a big box store, where they taught me how to use power tools, a little about plumbing, wiring, flooring, gardening, and more.  That’s when I immersed myself in the never-ending process of home improvement.  I attacked it with a passion, always with the goal of making things more convenient while improving the visual appeal.

Now that I am designing for Tee Vax, I feel I can focus that much more on my clients needs, and because of the quality of our product selection and the local installers we use, I am able to provide an even better overall design experience.

What I work to accomplish in every design, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, office, closet, garage, or outdoor BBQ, is to make a visually pleasing space that is also practical, and comfortable.  I do this through conversation about each client’s individual storage and work space needs, taking into account that there are often multiple people using that space in different ways.  With this in mind, I like to start with an in-home consultation with all involved.  At this time, I measure the space and talk about the project scope, in order to flush out the answers to what we may not have realized were questions.  From there, I head back to my computer and lay out the design, sometimes with optional floor plans, so that we can all sit together and view a mock-up of the possibilities and begin to personalize the design.  This is my favorite part of the process, as the most common response my clients have to the images on screen, is a big smile and excitement for what could be.  I feel so lucky to do what I do.

I’m happy to help design your dream kitchen in budget.  Please contact me for an appointment to get started.