Although Redwood cabinet design is a new company, founded in 2024 by Eddie Mendoza (general contractor) and Halima Jo Robel (kitchen designer), their collaborations, ideas, and hard work go back over 18 years. 

In 2005, Eddie and Halima worked on their first kitchen design project together and found that they were a great team.  Over the years, they have always taken the time to understand the individual tastes and styles of each client in order to create the results they are envisioning.  

When Halima began designing for TeeVax Home Appliance and Kitchen Center in Railroad Square in 2016, it gave them the ability to take even better care of each customer, backed by a local, family-owned business. They continued working together, making peoples dreams (kitchens /bathrooms) come true in Sonoma and Marin County.  Their passion and dedication has been a key factor in their success and their clients’ glowing reviews.  

When TeeVax made the difficult decision to close their kitchen design center, they did not want to leave their customers without a kitchen design resource.  Because TeeVax appreciated Halima and Eddie’s commitment to provide their clients with the best experience possible, TeeVax passed them the torch.  

With the opening of Redwood Cabinet Design, our team of experienced and knowledgeable designers have the opportunity to continue providing Sonoma and Marin County residents with great services and resources to help them turn their dream projects into reality.